Pizza specialty store in Okinawa nearest to the Sea [pizzeria Bella Napoli] (Pizzeria Bella Napoli) is in the central part of Okinawa, Chatan. A pizza while watching the sea in a quiet sea of the Miyagi coast. Clean sea and enjoy spectacular sunsets.



~ Your special time with our beautiful landscape-

Means "beautiful Napoli" and Restaurant Bella Napoli in Italy.
This is the pizza Shoppe in secluded spots in Okinawa Chatan Miyaji coast seaside.

Open City for the sea of Okinawa, American residential area, right by the sea, its location or to want to eat authentic Neapolitan pizza.
Aim staff providing service to all the customers who come to our beautiful landscape of Bella Napoli and heartfelt and authentic Neapolitan pizza.

With sea views from all seats, and enjoy authentic pizza.


Sticking to Bella Napoli

Authentic Italy pizza

Bella Napoli pizzas are all carefully selected flour, water, yeast, and natural salt addition, using de 練riageta. Taste the flavor of the wheat flour, the dough surface is crispy and savory, guests can enjoy the chewy texture.

All seats with ocean view

Bella Napoli feature beautiful sea view from all seats. Daytime is a contrast of emerald green and blue. Dyed orange sunset facing the West Coast during the sunset. Good climate at night the window open, listening to the sound of the waves. Please enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa changing over time, and the delicious pizza.


-Different kinds of pizza-

Quatro formaggi with 4 kinds of cheese, pepperoni pizza, with pepperoni and Margherita with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, fresh basil in our shop, using four different types of meat as well as meet Max, Including an exquisite sweet, bacon and pineapple Hawaiian pizza offers 12 types of pizza.

The size of the pizza shop is about 30 cm in diameter.
Also, share with your friends also ordered the size alone is enough to enjoy.
Please enjoy our pizza.



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